Please see below for a few testimonials:

“Thank you for such a brilliant day, listening and learning. Your experiences in the world of the writer, and the industry inside chat, were fascinating. And your comments on my writing were spot on… I could not have enjoyed myself more.” Meg

“Thank you for an inspiring day. I have not been that fired up since falling in love! Got to go. Writing to do!” Jo

“I have no doubt that your course will be a benefit to my writing and took many valuable points from the workshop.” Russell

“Thank you for a supportive, encouraging and inspiring workshop.” Niamh

“Thanks for a great workshop. It was enjoyable and immensely valuable. Your combined knowledge and skills around writing and publishing are amazing.”Jackie

“…just want to thank you so much. Your course was brilliant and you are an excellent teacher..” Martha

“Thank you so much for putting the course on and making it such a worthwhile experience. I really enjoyed it and took a lot away from it.”Johnathan

“Really enjoyed the course – if I come away from something feeling I have learnt at least one new thing and if I feel inspired and empowered to ‘have a go’. then it must have been good.”Clare